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Voice Messages

There's something missing from today's telecom world which i call voice messages. I'm not talking about voice mail or common phone calls. Voice messages are audio text messages. They're similar to push-to-talk messages in duration and ease.

Sometimes i don't want to talk to someone, sometimes i know they are busy or sleeping, but still i want to leave them a message. I just want to click a button, record a message, then send it to someone.

There may be a way to directly call their voice mail, but each service provider probably has their own way of doing it. Text messages are too clumsy to type in, even with T9. Besides, T9 doesn't help for proper nouns (the first time). Also text messages don't have the conversation view that instant messages do, but that's a user interface issue.

Voice mail is too word and there's too much press 1 for this, press 2 for that. I really don't feel like checking my new messages, checking my saved messages, marking a saved message as new, deleting archived messages. What i want is an archive of them send to me over email. Or a web interface to delete old ones.

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