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Skiing and Camping

My father taught me to ski at a young age and i've skied almost every year with exceptions during college. Camping on the other hand, i've done only once. These are the types of traveling and vacations i prefer.

The mountains i've been too include Tanglewood, Jack Frost, Big Bear, Camelback, and Killington. Thanks to Yahoo's SmartView, i can visually see where the ski resorts are located. This season i'd like to visit the local mountains like Wisp, Canaan Valley, or Timberline for some continued winter fun.

As for camping, it was quite refreshing being so close to nature. I certainly want to go again. This time i will invest in equipment, like a tent, sleeping bags, pots, whatever. Know of any good places. Keep in mind, if i can see a car, it's not a good place.


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