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Skiing in Canaan Valley and Timberline

Last weekend Elwing and i went skiing at Canaan Valley and Timberline. Overall we had a great time.

Elwing has an aunt who lives out in West Virginia. Lodging and a few meals where greatly appreciated. Their dog Hoss is afraid of strangers, but otherwise is a cute min-pin.

I brought my grandfather's old Rossignol skis. At 180cm they're a bit long for me, but they handled alright. They're straight skis so turning is harder than with shaped skis, but paralleling is easier. I bought boots last year, and i found this year that they are very uncomfortable and a real pain in the butt to get on.

We skied Canaan Valley on Saturday and Timberline on Sunday. Both mountains had several trails closed, which was a big let down. Timberline had a few double black diamonds. I skipped the ones going through trees, but did The Drop and Off the Wall. Both were exhilarating.

The condition of the snow was moderate. You could tell there was a solid layer of ice under a couple inches of snow.

On Saturday the weather was warm, but on Sunday we froze our butts off.

I was really disappointed at the lodges. Both were small and ugly. I like to see large open areas with giant fireplaces in the middle. The selection of food in Timberline was terrible — like a high school cafeteria — and you can't bring your own food.

I probably won't return to these mountains for a while.


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