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Big Day at Work

My company is celebrating their 10 year anniversary today. The building is alive with energy; people moving about everywhere. There are more people here than usual because after work we're having a party. These other people come from our other sites in the area. Like Oktoberfest, they will be serving beer, and wine. What a good company :)

Also today, we got new badges, nicer than the old ones.

All fun aside, i guess i have work to do. I've made a deal with my boss. He doesn't know it yet, but there's a deal. I have about 5 items on my To Do list. When those items are done, i'm taking a few days off. Anything added to my To Do list now will have to wait.

People equate vacation with travelling. But i'll be spending it working on a project.




I forgot to mention that they will be serving lobster.

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