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Composing Email in KMail

I've been using KMail for years. It's a great application with lots of features. In the past it's had a "ok" composer window, but with recent changes, i've become displeased. Specifically i'm referring to the recipient editor. Currently Sid has KMail 1.8.3 in KDE 3.4.3. KDE 3.5 is out, but i haven't seen screenshots yet.

Here's the big problem. As i'm entering recipients, the drop down box behaves differently from common drop down boxes.

Programmatically it begins by behaving like the text box should hold just one address. That is, as i begin to type, the drop down box appears. As i move down to select a recipient, that name becomes highlighted and also appears in the text box. When i press enter, that name remains in the text field, and the cursor is given to the next To: text box.

This is contrary to other select drop downs, for example the ones in Konqueror and Firefox. Normally when you press enter the cursor stays with that widget and you press tab to move the focus to the next one.

You can tell that the developers want this because after you enter an address, a new To: line appears below it. In both KMail and Thunderbird, the displayed list of To: address is limited, 4 and 5 respectively. If there are more, a scroll bar appears; very ugly. It's hard to review your recipients and there's wasted space to the right of recipients.

Honestly i think Mac Mail, got it just right. They highlight each person's name like it's an object. You can drag it around or remove it. It doesn't show the email address, which we don't need to see anyway. By comparison, when i call someone on my phone, i rarely see their phone number. will wrap up to 4 lines of recipients. After that a scroll bar appears. Keep in mind each recipient is narrower.

The name you are highlighting should NOT be entered into the text box until you press enter. To display it there means you will email that person. It shouldn't be there otherwise. Gmail works this way.

Other people agree that KMail's behavior is awkward.

In KMail, it is possible to enter multiple recipients on a To: line. Highlight the recipient you want, then hit comma.


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