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Coolant Thermostat Diagram

While working on my car i removed the thermostat. I forgot which way to reinstall it. This site was very helpful.

The long story is, my radiator has a slow leak. There's rust appearing all around the cap. So i bought a new shiny cap. Looking at the thermostat house, i determined that it's way too dirty. I had some BRITE degreaser, but didn't want to get it inside the cooling system. So i removed the thermostat housing and took it inside for a cleaning.

The degreaser had no effect cleaning the rust off the housing, but a strong screwdriver worked well. Unfortunately, the gasket (engine side) was hard, brittle, falling apart, and just useless. So i scraped it off.

BTW the overflow container is filled with rust.

After putting it all together sans gasket, i figured it would work. Ha, it leaked like a crying baby.

So i took the Metro to work today and was kindly driven to dinner and then home by Lisa. A new gasket is in the mail.


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