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Hand Bag

I've been carrying around a bag now for about 4 years; the same one. So i think it's about time i got a new one. Having used one for such a long time, i know just what i need. As for style, i'm in the mood for what i call the urban trekker.

There are several things i want in a bag.

  • a large space to put my lunch
  • a few compartments for gadgets
  • a quickly accessible phone compartment
  • not busy looking on the outside
  • handle
  • optional shoulder strap
  • optional compartment for a small water bottle

Browsing a little i found It's not a purse!.

I started with REI knowing they have lots of camping gear. They have a wide selection of bag, waist packs, day packs, shoulder bags, messenger bags, and of course larger bags. The Overland DonnerOverland Donner Bag caught my eye. So did the Lewis N. ClarkNorth Face SepalNorth Face Sepal Bag and Timbuk2 Metro BagTimbuk2 Metro Bag.

There are also nice bags by Lewis N. ClarkLewis N. Clark. And the EMS Keep It BriefEMS Keep It Brief is also nice.


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