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Well it's been a long time, hasn't it? I've been busy building a new web site. It's a site where users can see what's happening around town, add events to your schedule, and share your schedule with friends.

The latest feature on it is an AJAX enabled search page. Just enter a few letters and off it goes.

Your current page will be populated with the search results.

The A in AJAX stands for asynchronous. This means that when you tell your XMLHttpRequest to send(), you will not get your results immediately. In fact when the request is fulfilled, the XMLHttpRequest will contact you. I suppose with the sometimes long latency in the Internet, this is required. But i'm also curious to know if synchronous requests can be made.

It's too bad this acronym doesn't include a D for DOM, because if you're managing an XHTML document and merging in more XML, then DOM is the technology to use.




Just found it. These XMLhttpRequest objects can also be syncrhonized. See this page on XMLHttpRequest.

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