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Renaissance Festival and Caber Tossing

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For the third consecutive year, my friends and i went to the Renaissance Festival. This year's group (about a dozen people, described later) was a bit different from last years. This weekend was the Scottish Weekend and sadly i didn't have a kilt yet. Caber Tossing was brought to the Festival as a special event.

Lisa had a huge — 20 foot long, 8 inch wide diameter — branch fall in her backyard. We bought a bow saw to break it down for firewood and disposal. In honor of the Scots i cut it into a lanky looking caber. We'll post dimensions and pictures soon.

I'm gonna try turning it sometime soon. I have a feeling those who watched the tournament at the Renn Fest will want a try, so we'll keep it around for a while.

We learned that scoring of caber tosses is not based on distance, but instead on straightness. A hay, bet ya didn't know that. We learn something new every day.


String of Friends


An amazing string of friends presented themselves at the Renn Fest. Chris is dating Laura, who's friends with me, who's dating Lisa, who's friend is Shelly, who's dating Andrew, who's brother is Danny, who's friends are Matt and two other guys.

Also present were, Susan, Becca, David, and two friends from Florida

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