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Hotel Rwanda

Last night for Movie Night we watched, Lisa's selections, Hotel Rwanda. This movie is about Paul Rusesabagina's efforts to shelter about 1,200 Tutsis during the Rwandan Genocide.

There's a few minor spoilers in the next paragraph.

The movie was great, despite being a slightly over dramatized. For example the movie doesn't show how this incident lasted one hundred days. Instead we see the Tutsi rebels about to kill Paul, only to be saved in the last second by the local militia. We also see a touching family reunion where Pat Archer pulls Paul off his bus out of town.

After seeing this movie i don't think, Isn't it terrible what those Hutus did. Instead i'm thinking, what is it that provoked them to do such a thing. In the movie it's stated that they were repressed when the Tutsis were in power. Is that right?

Why didn't the Americans get involved? Because Clinton was scared of the political backlash on the heels of Mogadishu in Somolia.

Here's a recent NPR story where Paul talks about debt relief.

Here's a site that organizes relief for orphaned children and women abused during the genocide.

In other news i was wondering if there's a non-lethel weapon to put about a football field size group of people to sleep.


Hotel Rwanda

I was surprised that the movie's ending was as happy as it was; I thought surely at least one of the major characters would die.
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