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Lisa, My Girlfriend

I guess we started going steady when i asked her if i could host her web site and she said Yes. :P We've been seeing each other for over a month. Beside the basics we continue to see that we're just right for each other.

It's nice that i can use musical terms like chord inversion and syncopated rhythm and know that Lisa completely understands me.

She says i make her giggle. I hardly think it's me. It's her positive nature that makes her fun to be with.

We're also getting into completing each other's sentences. Mark was a witness recently.


Yeah - Its good.

(Well, maybe good is an understatement.)
Brian has been a wonderful addition to my life too. We have great conversations about nearly everything. And no, its not just my "positive nature." He's a trip! Have you heard some of the hilarious stuff that he says? Especially after a glass of wine or two. Love it. Btw - I've met some of his friends and they are pretty great, too. They've been very welcoming me into their little group. Life is good.
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