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For Whom the Belle Tolls

Well it's been a while since i've last posted, but there's a good reason. There's a new belle in my life. We met online about 4 weeks ago, and have spent lots of wonderful time together.

It's amazing how alike we are. The big things we agree on, like ideology, education, and working for a better society, are easily matched. But it's the small things too; we both want to live in a house surrounded by trees.

Our third get together was at her sister's party, so i'm not sure if that was a date or not. She's also brought me to an Independence Day party, and yesterday we helped her friend move in, around the block. So i've come to know her close friends. There're a nice bunch and from what i heard, they like me too.

She's only met my friends once, but hopefully she'll join us for Movie Night and that will change soon.

So it's been good lately. I'll try to write again in the next month. :P

BTW, For Whom the Bell Tolls sounds like a great Hemingway novel.


She understands me so well

> > The mouse-over didn't work for me
> Hold it there for a second. Oh yeah i think i remember reading that
> IE sucks, ummm i mean that IE doesn't support the (XHTML standard!)
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haha - but Brian, tell me how you really feel about IE.
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