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Conan, What is best in life?

Had a good yesterday. Found the bug in my project (at work) that's been driving the numbers off. This morning remembered to bring my gym clothes to work and remembered to stop by Marhsall HS on the way to work. You see, i thought i left my badge and favorite pen there in the auditorium. No luck...

So arriving at work i figured i'll just check under the seat. BAM, found my pen. But no badge. Looking around further i spot it in the passenger door pocket. And suddently i realized how it got there. I placed it on some CDs on the passenger seat and as i made a hard left they slid sinking the badge into the side pocket. Score.

Today i continue work on address matching, a project i had ohhh about a year ago. I'm taking postal addresses and normalizing them into proper form. Beyond that i'm connecting two datasets based on address.


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