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Konsole's got a bug

tags: KDE, Konsole, bug, copy, paste

From the UNIX-is-not-perfect department...

I definitely prefer UNIX, but there are still quicks that really tick me off. Here i'm using Konsole, a KDE terminal. The problem is when i highlight text, it chops out white space at the end of terminal rows. See below for an example.

Here's a screenshot of the terminal. Here's a screenshot of me highlighing some text.

And here's the text that gets pasted. Notice that the space between "the club." and "He's learning" is now gone.

Does this happen with other terminals? Eterm is ok. Rxvt is ok. Xvt is ok. Ok I'm renaming this "article" from "Why UNIX terminals suck" to "Konsole's got a bug".

Next article... why do i see jagged horizontal lines in GTK text fields?




Cool... It's been fixed.

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