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Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was great. I went to two events and met some new people. First was Prairie Home Companion at Wolf Trap. Second was the National Memorial Day Concert.

PHC at WT was odd in the sense that i bought 6 tickets right off the bat, knowing they'd eventually find holders. I invited friends immediately and Mark said he'd go. Then i found that Meet In DC were going. I sat with each group for half the show.

My favorite part of the show was a poem by Russell Ringsak, A Little Bit Over 29 Ton, where he describes hauling the show in his truck. The show also featured Odetta, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, and Mari and HÃ¥kon Samuelsen. Quicksilver is a great bluegrass band, producing strong harmonies in "Heartbreak #9".

The Memorial Day Concert was also good. We got there late so seating was... well non-existent. We stood. To open the concert a military band of trumpeters blasted us away; loved it. There were singers and speeches. The 60th anniversary of Iwo Jima was featured.

This concert is a tribute to Americans who have served this country. For some reason my friends found it best to honor them by leaving early. This, i didn't understand so i stayed. The show continued with the Salute to the Services.

Eli was visiting Celeste and it was nice to finally meet him. We've been chatting on IRC for a while now.


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