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Triathelete Mark

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Yesterday Mark and i went out for lunch. It was a celebration of sorts. He completed his first triathalon in Centreville, VA and i completed a lap around the block. He doesn't have a blog (hint), so i'll explain a bit about his success.

He gave himself a range of times for his goal and completed the event closer towards the fast end.

The race started out with swimming 250 meters in very cold water. Racers were deployed every 15 seconds. He was passed a couple times, but also passed two people in front of him. As you leave the pool your RFID will record your time.

As he transitioned to his bike he noticed that his chain fell off. After quickly fixing that, he stopped to help another girl. It turns out she got herself going, and they were on their zippy way.

After 12 miles of biking, there were 5 kilometers of grueling running. Upon reaching the finish line his "heart sank" when he saw the clock read 2 hours. But then he realized that this clock started witht he first swimmer and he started 40 minutes latter.

Well done Mark.


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