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Yesterday, my neighbor Brook gave me his espresso maker, sans instructions. He's still looking for them. So i thought what the heck; why not give it a shot (oh that's a pun, sorry). There aren't really any buttons, just a dial with a coffee cup marking. So after setting the grinds and adding water, each up to the "2" mark, i turned the dial.

I expected the dial to return to 0 automatically, but it just stayed there. The espresso came out light at first, but by the "1" marking it was quite dark. Just bubbles came out after that. So i turned it off the well known Star Trek way... cut power.

It fun to test your intuition every once and a while. The espresso, while i know i did something wrong, was OK.

I think the cup is a very important ingredient for a drink, be it a cocktail, irish coffee, margarita, mimosa, or other drink. So i'll need to get espresso cups. Know any good ones?


none yet

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