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Galaxy Lecture


After reading Katie's "article" Defending the Earth from Asteroid Impacts, i was reminded to blog about my trip to the Carnegie Institution.

With MeetinDC i went to a lecture by Margaret Geller. I took a couple astronomy courses at UMCP, so i have a basic knowledge of space. Dr. Geller discussed How to Make A Milky Way.

The basic idea is that smaller galaxies are merged into larger one. Remarkable there it's very unlikely that a star collision will occur due to the extremely small density of galaxies. Dr. Geller compared the distance among stars in a galaxy to the distance among people, if there was one person per continent on the Earth.

Although most galaxies have had a major collision, the Milky Way hasn't. But in about 5 billion years, Andromedea will collide into us.

I was surpised to learn that the Milky Way has about "a dozen and a half" satellite galaxies. On of them is currently merging into ours in the direction of the sagitarious constellation.

She displayed a simulation of galaxy collision by John Dubinski which crushes XScreenSaver.


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