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License Plates and Names

I saw two interesting license plates the other day. One was from Alaska. I heard military personnel often get Alaska plates because the they travel from base to base and Alaskan registration is cheap. The other plate was "5"; that's it.

Taking "5" a little deeper. It would be wise to have shorter plate names cost more, or for that matter, shorter DNS names cost more. Why? Shorter names are easier to remember. There's already a shortage of names. Should (unique) names be first come first server. No. Then you get squatters.

Hmmm. Wasn't there a recent court decision about this? Oh it was about situations. See US Appeals Court clarifies protest website law.

Back to the issue, if a company has a trademark on a name, then they should have rights to the domain name. At least for commercial sites.


Corporate vs private

And what is your opinion when you have trademarked corporate names conflicting with personal names? There's an existing case of a private individual who lost his personal domain because his name was trademarked by a company. (I don't have the time to look it up right now, but it was abotu 2 yrs ago..)
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