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Weekend Chores

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If you're thinking all i did this weekend was toy on the computer, i have news for you. I locked my bike in one of the new spots in the garage freeing space in my apartment. Finished reading I, Robot and saw the movie. Cleaned the bathroom. I did the laundry and ironed my shirts. I paid bills. And finally, i went to a small barbecuing at Laura's.



so how was the movie in comparison to the book?
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I, Robot Review

The book is a series of 9 episodes that don't directly relate to each other. Obviously that format doesn't work well for a screen play. The book was good. The movie was too.
After you see through all the action you see the essence of the story. (SPOILER) That is, robots in their effort to prevent human harm, realize that they can do better at managing society than our leaders. So they take matters into their own hands. The movie makes that statement, but only once. It's mostly an action flick. (I need to add a feature that notifies authors of new comments in this TrickleUp Blog. And i really need to get Kopete working with Yahoo again.)
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