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My parents let me take home their Panasonic SD-85 (yeah just try googling that one) stereo with phonograph. At first it didn't work; it just wouldn't spin. So i did what all men do: take it apart and hope that putting it back together would make it work. :)

I was fussing with it for some time now. While disassembled, i threw on an LP an spun the turn table with my finger. Amazing this produced a sound, albeit not at a steady speed. I listened to 3 entire albums this way.

Mark and the gang arrived as we were going to Tryst. While talking we were suddenly surprised to hear a clear Paul Simon. "Mark WHAT DID YOU DO??" to which he reply "I turned it on *shrug*".

With consensus, we agree the official diagnosis is, it was gunked up. Now i'm having fun cleaning my 200 email Inbox and listening to Neil Diamon - Shilo, Barry Manilow - Copacabana, Elvis - Jailhouse Rock, and Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues.

Eventually i'm gonna archive this music to my computer, but until then i'll have fun operating the SD-85. (I can play 8 LP sides using its built in loader!)


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