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Response to "I Hate Airport Security"

Here's my response to [Si]dragon's I Hate Airport Security. In summary, he's entitled to his opinion, even if it's just vacuous hot air.

"Dirty looks from the TSA meat-heads..."

Were they really giving you dirty looks or did you just expect them to? You just think they are; it's in your head. Here's a better question: Did they give dirty looks to just you or everyone?? BTW, do you think they really stopped to fully read your shirt? The truth of the matter is there are lots of people that look like you. And contrary to what you believe, i doubt the TSA really cares about you.

The older gentleman in perfectly “normal” everyday-fashion plain-clothes who breezes right through the checkpoint

Wrong. People are selected randomly before they are seen. Stop thinking of just yourself. You're making these statements without justification. Also put your emotions in check, get the facts, and learn why these security measures -- as opposed to others -- are put in place. What sort of expert are you to decide what's safer?

back-pack full of unidentified chemicals

Your property was checked for dangerous compounds, as they swabbed and tested it. Were you too busy observing their glaring looks to see this?

Regarding the matches, my guess is that the seats and everything else on the plane are not flamable.

Regarding the fourth ammendment, this has generally be accepted as applying to our homes in scope. Anything outside of that is fair game, as you are already in public.

Thus, protection of the home is at the apex of Fourth Amendment...

FindLaw: U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment: Annotations pg. 1 of 6

I embrace this security, because i care less about my privacy and more about dying. I want everyone on that plane inspected, including all personnel. The El Al airline has had these measures in place for a long time now, and my Israeli American friends appreciate them.

I agree with chickenfat in the spirit of Hanlon's Razor:

Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. -- Robert J. Hanlon

(reading on... oh that's funny he/she beat me too it.)

I placed a copy of the Fourth Amendment in my check-in luggage

You see, you're anticipating problems. I'd say this is more a cause of problems than a prevention.

Is your blog intended for anything beside complaining? For now it's getting probation status in my book.




Is your blog intended for anything beside complaining? For now it's getting probation status in my book.

Oh yea, well you’re getting double-super-mega probation status in my book! Neener-neener!

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