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Day Off?

I took the day off from work to get errands done. Here's what i did: paid mobile phone bill, call Logitech about my excellent but broken keyboard, created an account with Pepco, informed my property manager of new accounts, spoke to a salesman about a new chair, fixed some teachers on the LCLI site, and added my rent to my bank's bill pay system.

Also, i got a letter notarized, got an oil change, and got my car's emission tested. The letter is just to change my address with a former employee!

The new diNovo keyboard really is great except for the fact that the space bar often doesn't work. Both Logitech and NewEgg were receptive. I have an RMA number to get a replacement.

For the last 8 months, i haven't been paying for gas and electric. Avalon has been paying them for me. So i reimbursed them and created my own accounts with the companies.

I'm excited about the new chair: HON 4901 (no, it's not that exspensive). I have about 80 fabrics i can choose from. I'll pick a variety of green. My seller will be sending me a sample of many fabrics.

After being so productive, i thought i'd treat myself to my favorite Indian food place India Grill. I let the owner pick my meal. It was fantastic, but i forgot it's name. All i know was, it's not on the menu.

Now it's time for another treat, World of Warcraft. I'm level 23!!

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