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World of Warcraft

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The klan grows...

Thanks for your order, Brian DeRocher!
Delivery estimate: January 3, 2005 - January 5, 2005
1 "World of Warcraft" CD-ROM;
Thanks again for shopping with us.



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Welcome! Make certain you're Alliance and on Elune! We almost have enough for a guild now!
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Hard drive and game arrive


The other day my new 250 GB hard drive arrived. I installed that. My plan is to allocate 40 GB for OS X (pronounced oh ess ten, not oh ess ex). Then allocate 160 GB to software RAID mirror the first disk. The rest will be used to backup other machines. As for software...

I booted with the OS X dvd and used Disk Utility to create the 40 GB partition at the end of the disk. Of course this wipes the boot loader on the first disk. Who does OS X think it is? So i booted with a Debian cd and rewrote the boot loader with yaboot.

I ran into a slight problem. In the Debian Installer (Sarge), i jumped down the menu to Install Boot Loader, but it brought up the Install Base Files screen. I accidently pressed enter and it started to install Sarge. Oops. It's not like DI formatted partitions or deleted files, so that's ok. Halfway through the base install, it failed for some reason, but then continued to install the boot loader anyway.

It took a while to figure out what files were overwritten with older versions. Apt-get and dpkg failed with very weird errors. "dpkg not recorded as installed, cannot check for epoch support" My /var/lib/dpkg/status file was empty, so i restored it from /var/backups/. That cleared up that problem mostly. I still had to dpkg -i a bunch of debs like libc and module-init-tools.

Just on the side, as i upgraded to 2.6.9-power4-smp, postinst failed as it tried to mkinitrd using /dev/sda3. Of course this node doesn't exist as my system is configured to use udev. I can't believe mkinitrd, a shell script, actually executes cat /etc/fstab and parses it. It really ticks me off that information is transfered this way. It's not an API! Sometime the UNIX way is vary archaic.

So the slight problem i have now is yaboot won't boot OS X. Whatever i put in /etc/yaboot.conf has a mistake. After fixing that, i'll be good to go. This brings me to WoW. It arrived today.

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