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All Pumped Up for Nothing, Boots, traffic, shoes, DuClaw, philosophy

i really shouldn't have had that red bull. it's no fun being stuck in a crowded metro stop when you have this much energy! -- Ms. K

This made me think, it's no fun turning up the radio for a kick ass song, when you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

I'm glad today is Friday. I love wearing my boots. It's ashame Timberland doesn't make them anymore; checking now on their web site i can't find anything like them. Checking other sites now, i still can't find a similar boot - it's just a plain boot! I should have bought 3 pair when i had the chance. Mine are "loved", read scuffed, marked, bruised, and greased.

Whew... found something... Dr. Martens 0939 Series.

Boots like these have character similar to this good brewery,restaurant called DuClaw. "How's that?", you ask. They're a modern day naturalist; keeping life simple.


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