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On Fixing Crashing Music Players when Streaming Audio

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Does your music player crash when you start playing an audio stream from the Internet? This was happening for me with Clementine, Amarok, Banshee, and Rhythmbox. What did the apps have in common? With a little digging it's libmozjs10d.

With the help of Amarok's (KDE's) crash handler and backtrace, strace, and apt-rdepends / dot, i found that these apps depended on gstreamer0.10-plugins-good which dpeneds on libsoup2.4-1, which depends on glib-networking, which depends on glib-networking-services, which depends on libproxy0. libproxy0 recommends either libmozjs10d or libwebkitgtk-1.0-0. When removing libmozjs10d, my music players return to working!

As a side note, you can skip the long list of dependencies. Just install libproxy-toos and run proxy. If you have libmozjs10d installed, it will crash when running proxy.


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