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Using empirical data for driving directions

You know how google can tell you the conditions of the highways, live and at any time during the week... I'm pretty sure this is *not* taken into consideration when routing directions. I did a test where the fastest path from A to B was along the highway, then changed the time to rush hour. Clearly it should have taken the back roads because the highway was slow (red/black), but it didn't.

With the new GPS i have, i've been recording my trips almost every where i go. I'll upload it into a database and average out the multiple times i cross each segment. This will handle the red/green frequency of traffic lights. Also it will handle rush hour and holiday weekend traffic.

Then i'll write my own routing algorithm, based on the simple A* search algorithm and using the data that i've collected.

I plan to install a full GIS map with OpenLayers as the front end.

Let me know if you'd like to contribute gps driving data.


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