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Tonight's Preview

I thought for once i would write a preview instead of a review. Tonight i'm going to an early dinner with friends followed by House of Flying Daggers. Later in the evening will go see DC Wit's Seasonal Disorder.

I'm flexible for tonight's dinner. I just hope we leave early enough to see previews. Man i love them.

House of Flying Daggers got 2 1/2 stars by nbc4's Arch Campbell. That's not great, but i like samurai movies.

It's been a while since i've seen DC Wit. (I can't believe their flash presentation works in my browser. I'm using Konqueror and libswfdec0.) Tonight's 10pm show is Seasonal Disorder at Flashpoint (and their flash presentation didn't work).




Halfway through my night.... Dinner was good, but not blog worthy since it's a chain. We skipped the movie due to time constraints. Celeste's new apartment is nice. Mark is here now and we're headed downtown for coffee and improv.

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Seasonal Disorder and Diner


Seasonal Disorder was ok. There were five actors creating a holiday story. Ya got to give them credit.

Mark and i headed over to the Tryst Diner. My buffalo wings were so burnt i sent them back. In situ, the chocolate cake at Tryst was very good.

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