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Brian DeRocher

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I'm Brian DeRocher. I was born and raised in NY on Long Island, went to school at the University of Maryland, and studied computer science and mathematics. I enjoyed every course i took.

I work for the non-profit Noblis, which i enjoy very much. There, i supported the federal acquisition of telecom under the General Services Administration Networx contract. Also for GSA, i wrote the Carbon Footprint Tool to support federal building carbon emission measurements and reductions. Currently, i'm supporting USPS for their nation wide package delivery under IMDAS (Intelligen Mail Data Acquisition System), RIMS (Regional Intelligent Mail Server).

I head up MappingDC, a group that monitors and improves the OpenStreetMap in the DC area. And I'm currently on the board of the US Chapter of OpenStreetMap.

I enjoying running my own server. I've installed 20amp circuits, client side MVC, and just about everything in between including running my own DNS, mail, and chat servers.

I run a small business called OpenHost where i build and host websites using open source software. Leeds Corporation of Long Island has been there since 2004.

While at University of Maryland created the campus calendar Today@UM and dormed with Erik Blankinship.