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Long Island Daylily Society

Long Island Daylily Society The Long Island Daylily Society is a very active organization of over 200 members, dedicated to the growing, promotion and enjoyment of the perfect perennial. The club has meetings nearly every month. Regular club activities include: Guest speakers with slide presentations on daylilies and other aspects of gardening, Tours of members' gardens, A Daylily Show accredited by the American Hemerocallis Society, Public plant sale, Members only auction, Annual picnic ...

The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person | Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

Washington Racial Map

This map is an American snapshot; it provides an accessible visualization of geographic distribution, population density, and racial diversity of the American people in every neighborhood in the entire country. The map displays 308,745,538 dots, one for each person residing in the United States at the location they were counted during the 2010 Census. Each dot is color-coded by the individual's race and ethnicity.

Exploding Polygons Into Random Points by Density with PostGIS | Geo Perspectives

Visualizing geo-data by density is a common need but often leaves us with yet another chloropleth map.  Sometimes there is a need to make the data more visually interesting or to capture multiple characteristics of that density in one layer.  This can be the case with race and ethnicity data where visualizing race and density simultaneously can be very powerful.  The University of Virginia’s Racial Dot Map is an excellent example of this.

Friend of a friend (FOAF) search engine

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You can use the input field above to search through millions of interconnected persons, organisations and places in the semantic web. Enter the name, e-mail, nick, homepage, openid, mbox-hash or URI of the person, organisation or place you are searching.

Advogato: Personal info for brian252


Name: Brian DeRocher Member since: 2006-04-21 14:04:17 Last Login: 2009-07-23 20:08:17

Abstracted the PHPlist database connection so it works with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Made contribution to phpPgAdmin to authenticate by Kerberos. Not sure if the patch was incorporated yet.

WebID - W3C Wiki

X509 Sense and Reference

A WebID is a way to uniquely identify a person, company, organisation, or other agent using a URI. The term "WebID" was coined by Dan Brickley and Tim Berners-Lee in 2000. (Citation needed)

The WebID Protocol for authentication is being worked on in the WebID Community Group at the W3C. Implementers and other are welcome to join and contribute feedback in a non patent encumbered way. The group is developing the following specs...


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This is my FOAF.


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The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project is creating a Web of machine-readable pages describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do.

Currently the most important entry here is the IssueTracker, which keeps note of known issues with the FOAF specification.

Tools - FOAF Wiki

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foaf smileys logo FoaF Creators, Using FOAF for authentication in webapps, Aggregators, user interfaces, visualization systems etc., What user-oriented software packages are exploring FOAF support?

FOAF-a-matic -- Describe yourself in RDF

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FOAF-a-matic is a simple Javascript application that allows you to create a FOAF ("Friend-of-A-Friend") description of yourself. You can read more about FOAF in Edd Dumbill's "XML Watch: Finding friends with XML and RDF" article, at the FOAF homepage on RDFWeb, and also the FOAF vocabulary description.